Configuration Download Problem with CM CANopen



My name is Matt Stracker, I am contracting with Velodyne LiDAR in San
Jose, California and we have just purchased a few CM CANopen devices to
control drives via an S7-1200 PLC. I have completed generating a test
configuration in the Configuration studio for two of the slave devices
we are using without any issues and am connected to the CM CANopen via
the USB cable. However, I cannot download the configuration to the
device as I’m getting a message that the port name cannot be empty,
presumably because the Windows drivers for the CM CANopen were not
correctly installed. I’m using windows 7 pro 64bit, have installed all
of the software straight from the website and can see the CM CANopen
under the windows device manager, but it says that no drivers are
installed. I need to install the USB driver manually though and do not
know which one/where to find this. Can someone help?



Hello Matt,

I believe you were also talking to my colleague Tim regarding this issue. Based on what i understand of this issue so far it looks like we will need to work with the support team in Germany to help resolve this issue. To do this I am going to move this issue over into our support tool system, so we can escalate the issue and work more directly with that team. You should see a few email shortly with info on a ticket and login info into that system.



Hi Deryck,

ok, thanks. I think the issue may simply be that there is no driver for the device installed in windows, I can see it in the device manager under “other devices” and it is called “HMS Industrial Networks CM CANopen USB-Serial Driver” but there is no driver installed. Perhaps with a correct driver, the PortName issue would be resolved, but I need to either download the driver from somewhere (couldn’t find it on the site) or need to know if one of the generic windows drivers would work, and which one.



Hello Matt, I am not aware of any drivers for this device. Try installing our VCI drivers these are the only drivers we provide for ixxat devices but is for our USB to CAN devices.

That is available here: