Configuration files for AB7013


Hi Nicholas,

As we talked about, they will need the GSD (or GSDML) file, to import our device info into their PLC programming software. For more info on GSD files see:

Then the Communicator will need to be configured for the serial network using our software, Anybus Configuration Manager (ABCM), which is available for download on the product page:

The serial settings like baudrate, physical standard (RS232, RS485, etc.), Parity, Stop bits, etc. as well as the Node addresses must be entered in the ABCM. Then the commands or transactions that the operator wants to exchange between the Fieldbus network (Profinet) and the Subnetwork (serial) will need to be programmed. Once completed, the file can be saved and download to the Anybus. In order to create these transactions, the operator will need memory mappings for the serial devices that would be supplied by the OEM. They can refer to the User Manual, Videos, and Application notes on the page above, post questions on our forum at, or call us for assistance in setting up the device.