Configuration files for AB7013

Hi Nicholas,

As we talked about, they will need the GSD (or GSDML) file, to import our device info into their PLC programming software. For more info on GSD files see:

Then the Communicator will need to be configured for the serial network using our software, Anybus Configuration Manager (ABCM), which is available for download on the product page:

The serial settings like baudrate, physical standard (RS232, RS485, etc.), Parity, Stop bits, etc. as well as the Node addresses must be entered in the ABCM. Then the commands or transactions that the operator wants to exchange between the Fieldbus network (Profinet) and the Subnetwork (serial) will need to be programmed. Once completed, the file can be saved and download to the Anybus. In order to create these transactions, the operator will need memory mappings for the serial devices that would be supplied by the OEM. They can refer to the User Manual, Videos, and Application notes on the page above, post questions on our forum at, or call us for assistance in setting up the device.


Hi Kyle,

Does Anybus offer support for actually creating the configuration files? Is that something I could get a quote for?

The attached is the information I have. Can you advise if that is what is needed to create the files?

There would be other files I would need as well. I just want to know if this is enough to be able to create something I can provide to the PLC provider.


Hi Nick,

As we spoke about, our Solution Center does do custom projects for customers and you can contact Tom McKinney ( - 1-312-777-5285) for more information and a quote for that.

The information you provided is helpful for creating the configuration, as it contains the serial settings and nodes, but we would also need the user manuals or modbus maps for the devices, with the commands you want to use. The configuration could be very simple or very complex depending on this. Once we have that information and can build the configuration for the serial side, we can provide the memory map of the Anybus for the PLC company.



I have not been able to reach Tom. Is there another contact who might be able to help with this?


Sorry about that Nick, I’m not sure what his schedule is. I’ll try to touch base with him today so we can get this moving.

Have you had any luck finding the user manuals / memory maps for the serial device?



Thanks. I sent him all the user manuals I could find for everything.

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