Configuration HMS-EN2SE-R to a weigh scale

Good day. First time user of the EN2SE-R I have 2 of them. What I’m trying to do is read a serial input from a weigh scale. Getting hung up in the Configuration Manager. We will always receive strings and never transmit.

Any help on just receiving a serial connection from the transmitted device would great.

Hi @MrWizard,

If you just need to receive a serial string, you will want to use Generic Data mode and create a consume transaction.

You will need to decide if the string will always be the same length or if the length with vary. It it’s always the same, for example, 20 bytes, add ‘Data’. If it is not always the same, add ‘Variable Data’ and enter the max size. Also, Enable filling un-used bytes.

You can also use an delimiter to mark the end of the transaction if the scale uses one.

Follow the step-by-step example on page 21 of the User Manual.

For troubleshooting the serial network, there is info here: I have an LED 5 error on my Anybus Communicator