Configuration manager for EN2SE-R

I looking for configuration manager software for this gateway, I search in the hms web site buy don’t found

WHat is the Article number of the gateway you are using?



I found the configuration manager but the led number 5 at front the model is turn on in red color solid, the description say that may be Transition error/ timeout or subnet stopped


I would check to make sure there is active communication. Also, that there are no addressing, size or data conflicts.

You can check the data transfer within the configuration using the following:
Node Monitor
Data Logger
Subnetwork Monitor
Process Tags Editor

A lot of issues that have occurred have been attributed to the following:

Incorrect Data location
Incorrect Addressing
Incorrect Data Size

I would advise establishing communication with a 2 Byte tag at a register, and work from there.


I check all that you say but is no clear the information in the user manual


Are you using the Add On Profile with Studio 5000? You will need to use both the Add On Profile, and Anybus Configuration Manager when communicating within the unit.

Let me download from the rockwell web site and tray


I installed the add on Profile and the problem is the same Led 5 on red,


Do you see any active errors in the transmission of the data? Or any errors on Studio 5000 that show disconnects?

You can reach us by our support line to go over the issue.

Tel: +1 312 829 0601, option 2

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So what happened to this? How was this resolved? I read this to the bottom for nothing?

Hello Chris,

Unfortunately, the poster for this topic stopped responding. I can only assume they did not have the correct communication settings for the Serial side. Are you experiencing similar issues?