Configuration Manager help?

Trying to start up application; RS422 ASCII to HMS-EN2SE-R to CompactLogix. I am getting an error but when I try to troubleshoot I can’t find help in the manual. If I click on help in Configuration Manager I get …
… and then …
Where is HELP?
Where is troubleshooting in the manual?

Are you using Studio 5000 or RSLogix? What version?

Are you following the example?:

I am using Studio 5000.
I attempted to follow the example in the manual but when it gets to the point “The remainder of the guide will assume the slave to be a Modbus client.”, well, that doesn’t help me much. I am using Generic Data Mode and figuring it out as I go, so far so good. My point is that I can’t get any help files to open up. Where can I download help?

All of the documentation for that device is on this web page:

But you can also check out the docs and videos on this page:

That’s for a device that is exactly the same on the Serial side. Just the Ethernet/IP setup is different.

So there is no help function in Configuration Manager and there is no troubleshooting information if I get any errors. Is that correct?

What do you mean by “Help Function”? Can you give an example from a program that has one?

The error above is not a Configuration Manager error. It appears to be a Javascript error from Internet Explorer.

See the links I posted above for examples and documentation on how to use Configuration Manager.

In the menu bar there is a selection on the far left of the group, “Help”. If I click on Help in Configuration Manager I get the response that was originally posted but that does not get me to any Help topics. There is no troubleshooting information when I get an error code in Configuration Manager. I am not talking about the Java script screenshots, I am talking about an error in Configuration Manager.
Getting beyond this … I have been able to configure the application without error [by trial and error] but have not been able to get a transaction to work successfully yet. That is beyond the intent of this posting.

OK. The Help Tab just links to the Anybus website. You will have better luck using the links I provided above in your own browser.

Can you provide some more information or a screen shot of the error codes you are getting? If you need additional help you can call us and set up a Teamviewer session.