Configure LAN device to get internet access through Flexy WAN

If I have a device connected to a Flexy LAN port, shouldn’t I be able to configure the flexy to gibe that device internet access?

Hi @landersson,

You will need to edit the settings on the flexy to provide internet access.

can this work without turning on the DHCP server feature on the Flexy?

Yes this works with static IP addresses. In fact you need to make sure you set the ewon’s LAN IP address as the gateway for the devices. This is required for both remote access and for them to get internet access.

ok, on that topic.
I have another device that is made for DHCP setup only.
If I have the Flexy acting as the DHCP server for those LAN devices, how do I specify the default gateway in the DHCP setup.
My COM cfg settings are as this:

Hello @landersson ,

The ewon will use its LAN IP as the gateway address. No dedicated parameter for the gateway address is available.

DHCP Server on LAN (