Configuring Anybus Ethernet IP

I’m currently a second year student at a technical college and we have to do a capstone project before we graduate. We train and use Siemens PLC’s however all of our Fanuc robots at the school only have Ethernet IP cards installed. My instructor wanted us to set up an Anybus X-gateway to establish comms between our Siemens 1214 FC PLC. Were currently using a Fanuc M-1iA 0.5A robot with a R-30iA controller.

The end goal is to have the Robot and Siemens PLC transfer I/O via ethernet/profinet back and forth. The article number of the Anybus were using is the AB7649-F. We were able to download the GSDML file to Step 7 and configure the Profinet side of the card. However we can’t get the Ethernet IP portion of the card to work.

We have our robot set up as an Adapter, it does not have the scanner software available. We went through and set up the IP address of the gateway in the robot’s software and it is a ping able device. When we plug the robot into the Anybus we get a flashing MS and NS light as well as the respective Link light of the port. We have assumed it’s not working because we haven’t the EDS file to the Fanuc robot and set it up.

Yesterday we called Fanuc support and explained our situation to them and they said we should just have to download the EDS file to the robot and we should be good. I’ve never done anything like that and I can’t find a forum or a post thread relative to it. I know it’s a pretty basic thing that we should know but no one has experience with that stuff here.

I was wondering if you could correct us on our thought process and verify if that was truly all we should need to do, and if so how.

Thank you so much in advance,

Hi @Boog,

If they are saying that you need to download the EDS file to the Fanuc, then they are suggesting using the Fanuc as the master/scanner. Only adapters have EDS files which are used by scanners to set up the connections (similar to Siemens GSD files). You can find the EDS for the AB7649 on the Product Page.

Since the Fanuc is going to be the scanner, you would have to use their software to download the EDS file to it and create the scan list. You should be able to find instructions for doing that in their documentation or through their support.

Please let me know if you have any other questions that we can help you with.



Okay so then we need both the Adapter and Scanner software for the Fanuc. And once we get them set up and the EDS file downloaded we should be good.

Thank you so much for the clarification!

You may just want to clarify that with Fanuc, as I’m going off what you told me they said, about downloading the EDS file to the robot. Just make sure that you’re supposed to be configuring the Fanuc as the Scanner (master).