Configuring IP Address


I hope the image comes through. I have an EWON Cosy 131. Preformed a second level reset on the device following the instructions from the user manual. When it came back online, it shows the IP address, like I would expect, but when I try to change the IP address using eBuddy, it gives an error: “The IP address cannot be set through the WAN interface. Please connect to the LAN interface of the Ewon.” I have tried to reboot the laptop that is being used as well as tried all 4 ports of the EWON to verify. Mainly using port 1, as I understand this is a permanent LAN interface. Firmware in EWON is 14.2. I was searching through help docs and saw an option to go to the maintenance tab from the web interface, but I do not see a Maintenance tab. Any help would be appreciated.


This message can appear if the gateway address of the Ewon happens to be in the same range as your LAN or if your computer ethernet port is set to a WAN IP address.

If you change your ethernet adapter on your computer to be 10.0.0.x you should be able to get to the web configuration page of the Cosy. from there on the left side of the page go to setup > System > Communication > Eth1 LAN.

You can manually change the LAN IP there then reboot the Cosy for it to take effect.