Conflict with setpoint and ambient temp

2 ductless and 2 ducted fujitsu units
Setpoint at 62 in heating on all units, but they are maintaining 70 regardless. Could this be a dip switch issue? Master/slave conflict? Temperature sensor issue? We have wired remotes on all units with RC sensor control on.

We would first need to know what model of Intesis device(s) you are using and how you are setting the temp (app, web, remote, etc…).

Are you still having a problem? If so, can you provide the model and more details about the problem?

Hi Kyle, thanks for your response. We are using FJ-RC-WIFI-1NA (the newer model with no antenna and no thermistor) on 4 fujitsu units, 2 of which are single zone ducted systems and 1 of which is a ductless system with 2 heads, each with their own wifi adapter. Everything is now working except that the scheduling (calendar) feature in the app is not controlling the units. The user has the same equipment at another building and his schedule works there. The only difference I’m aware of is that the other building has the older models of intesis adapters (same model # but with the antenna etc). Any ideas?

Please check your settings with the Documentation on how to configure the schedule:

App Manual

Web Manual

The schedule is stored on the device itself, but it needs an internet connection to download it from the cloud when changes are made.

Does the user need to be on the same wifi network to upload the calendar changes to the device?

No. Can you confirm that the changes were saved and that the devices have an internet connection? Can you manually control the devices from the app?

Yes we can manually control the devices. Yes on the internet connection. Not sure on the saving but the customer has used the feature before, successfully

Can you just confirm that with the customer, make sure they are following the documentation and saving the settings. If so, can you create a case at so we can escalate it and take a closer look? There isn’t any obvious reason something like this would be happening.

Confirmed that his calendar is set up correctly and saved as far as I know… I went through the process myself and it seemed the same. Is there something I’m missing, like how to upload it to the cloud in addition to just saving when you create it? Will probably have to escalate the issue.

No, you save it and then it should be uploaded to the cloud and then downloaded to the device.

Pleaes create a case at

Made the case, what’s the next step?

Do you have the case number? I couldn’t find an account linked to your email address. I did find one with the same name but a gmail address, is that you?

202103-27590 is the case #.
I may have made an account with my gmail by mistake, but I would like to use the login with this

I updated the email address and replied in the case. We need the MAC address of the devices and the account name in order to look into this.

Replied to case with user account and mac addresses

Got it - thanks.

Can I schedule some phone support for tomorrow? I will be on site at 11

Our Intesis engineers are currently in Spain so to schedule a meeting with them it would need to start between 8 am and 10 am.

Our general support is available 8 - 5 EST, but I think we are going to need help from the Intesis team on this particular issue. It may not be necessary for you to be on-site however. Can we schedule a meeting for tomorrow morning to come up with a “game plan”?