Connect to Can@Net over VPN

We are utilizing a Cradlepoint IBR600 to connect with a Can@Net.

When a PC is on the same local Cradlepoint network, we can set up the device through the VCI Device manager.
The Can@net also populates the Can@Net Configurator tool, but the can@net does not populate in the CanAnalyser3Mini tool.

When we remove the PC from the Cradlepoint network and join our office network, we are able to ping the Can@Net IP address successfully via a VPN connection between our office and the cradlepoint device.
However, via the VPN, we are not able to see the Can@net in the Can@net configurator or in the CanAnalyser3Mini tool.
As expected, when running an application a PC on our office network, we cannot communicate with the Can@Net.

What are my next steps to establishing communication?


We are very sorry for this long delay, we are working hard to make sure we do not miss issues. This is unfortunately a rare occurrence that happened with this issue.

You have set the CAN@net NT up in the VCI server control correct? Can you make sure that you have port 19228 open?

To close up this case I just wanted to add that in this case you should make sure that the VCI Server control is set up properly and port 19228 is open.