Connect to Flexy 205 from ftp client

Hello, we have a flexy 205 installed and working I need to solve two questions:

  1. I need to connect from an external server via ftp to Flexy, I don’t know how to know the public ip of my flexy 205 or activate it and whatever is necessary to be able to access via ftp client from my server. I do it to access the values of the tags that I can see in the “historical loggin table”.

  2. I also need to be able to send to an external ftp server the values of the tags that I can see in the “historical loggin table”, either from the planner or in the most optimal way. In my external ftp server, it has to be accessed through private ppk key and port 22, how can I do it?

Thank you very much

It will only have a public IP address if you have configured it to have a public IP, like any other FTP server. I would not recommend using FTP over the public internet anyway.

The Flexy FTP server does not use keys, it uses the username and password of the Flexy.

If you need to extract data from the Ewon over the internet, I would look at an alternative, like the API or MQTT:

Hello! Thanks for the answer, so you need to program the DMweb api to be able to carry out the requests and extract the data from the flexy 205, right?

To configure the Flexy to receive these requests, what needs to be done? enable ports (443?), incoming internet? , anything else?.

Do you have any example in php for example of use of those api?

Thank you very much


You do not need to enable incoming ports, everything is done through the outgoing VPN connection. You will need to sign up for a Developer ID here:

Please download the SDK package here for PHP examples:

Oh thks, so, only i have to make a request to the same url always, and use de user, pass,developerId as a credentials, and finally put the endpoint that i want to use for each purpose…

for example: and in the body of request the credentials.

But i have a doubt, the manual says that the t2mtoken parameter must be included … where do we get it from?

with the credentials the request is redirected to our router?

Sorry for the questions.

The token creation is a new feature that will replace credentials and be much more secure. It is described in Section 4.6 of this manual. Please let me know if you have any questions about it!

One question, in the manual I think I have understood that to make the requests to the api and extract the results to the Flexy device you need to install the eCacher, is that right? .
We have a linux instance in AWS where we have a platform that will attack the Flexy to extract the data and save it in a database, do we need something special to be able to connect and extract the data from the history of log values?

This depends if you are using the DMWeb API (HTTP) or MQTT.

Instructions are below:

You will have to follow the instructions in this manual to allow the Flexy to synchronize tags with DMWeb:
RG-0005: DMWeb API for DataMailbox
You can use a token for authentication and encryption. The HTTP requests go over the internet so there is no special connection needed.

You will have to use the BASIC script from the following link in order to use MQTT with the AWS IoT platform:
The MQTT traffic will also go over the internet, so no special connection is needed. You can use certificates for authentication and encryption.

You do not need to use eCatcher for either solution.

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Thanks for the answer, but I have some questions about the parameters, we have done the registration and we have the develop id but we do not have the TOKEN, where can we get it? , we also measure the following fields:

t2maccount, t2musername and t2mpassword, where can we get them? We only have the information to enter our EWON ( are those credentials what we have to put in the API? , and the account name where you can get it? Do you specify it somewhere in EWON or in the FLEXY?

We need to be able to make inquiries to our flexy devices as soon as possible but we have not made progress, since postman always gives us a 403 error for credentials, because we are missing the token that we do not know where to obtain it from and we do not know if we have the credentials correctly.

Thanks a lot !

You need to read the documents that I keep sending you. They explain how to create the token in eCatcher. You need to have the latest eCatcher. The tokens replace the credentials. Please read the document.

Thank you very much, I have already managed to connect to my flexy 205 device via api.

I have not used any token, I have used the parameters in the body of the request, and it has worked for me.

Just a question, I want to make the request every day, at least twice, how long is the m2session maintained? expires? If so, do I have to make a login request again?

Thanks a lot

If you are using the credentials in the request it will not expire.

Ok, Thks.

We need, through the get data api for example, to be able to extract the same information as the one we extract through the “planner” tool, which sends the data by email based on this information: $ dtHT $ ftT $ st_h24 $ et_m0.

The header of the attached csv file has the fields:

TimeInt “;” TimeStr “;” AV204_ (BWvalveMOD1) “; …;” TT_201_ (CIP_Tank) "

The first 2 are not found in the response of the service getdata, the rest I can build the csv in the development of the api. How can I get those “TimeInt”; “TimeStr” values?

An example of data is as follows:

“TimeInt”; “TimeStr”; “AV204_ (BWvalveMOD1)”; …; “TT_201_ (CIP_Tank)”
“1605507790;” 11/16/2020 06:23:10 "; - 0.03597122; …; 23.91007

Thanks a lot!

Can you share the file you are getting? I’m not sure if I understand the problem completely.

Here is an example. Those fields are not missing:$dtHT$ftT$st_h24$et_s0

Thanks for all Kyle!

I have a question, can I use a developer ID for two different t2maccounts? … I am implementing a second ewon device API request, but from another account …

Thank you!

Yes, you only need one developer ID.

It’s strange, because I access with the new account name, with the credentials that I can enter the Ewon web administration panel but I don’t get an error:
“code”: 404,
“message”: “No account or data for username @ account name”,
“success”: false

are you using your t2m credentials or the Ewon’s local device credentials (default adm/adm)?

I’m using de t2m credentials