Connect to non PLC via Talk2M to access with third Party Software


I am using a Flexy 205 to access a Adam 6052 Totalizer on one of my lines.

I am able to see the Totalizer on my Talk2M, ping it on my network, and open a webpage to its IP addressimage
, however I am unable to see it on the Talk2M VPN IP in the Adam Software.

What network should these IP addresses be showing up under?

Hi @rileyfranklin,

How does the software make a connection to the totalizer?

Ecatcher works by setting up a connection to the VPN then adding a route to the lan thought he ewons VPN IP. You can see the PC’s VPN IP in the list. Since it is a VPN broadcast messages don’t generally get sent though the connection.

Does your software allow you to specify the IP address? You can try enabling the broadcast forwarding feature in ecatcher. In the ewon properties edits the lan and firewall and set the firewall to high. once it is set high you should see the option to enable plc discovery. This might allow you software to find the devices.


The software looks for a connected totalizer on all networks connected to the PC.

Hi Riley,

We would be interested in what method it uses to find the totalizer. I assume it uses broadcast messages but it could do something on layer 2. Neither work though a VPN. We have a workaround for broadcast messages as mentioned above.

Does the software allow you to specify the IP this would be a better option to connect over a VPN.

I am unsure how to tell if it uses broadcast messages, I looked through the documentation but I didn’t see anything. Additionally I tried it with broadcast forwarding and plc discovery.

Is there any place i can download the software to take a look myself?


Here is the link to the download for the software. I appreciate you looking at it for me.

Judging from wireshare it looks like it does use broadcast messages.

It looks like the Terminal command option allows you to set a target IP perhaps you can use this to configure the device? If not they it looks like you will need to use the scan option. Did you select the 10.185.x.x device and search?



Yes I scanned at the 10.185.x.x address, but it never connected. I was able to connect to the device with the terminal however, it seems to only let me monitor and not make changes.

You may need to reach out to advantech to see if they have a way to connect to the devices with a static IP. If the plc discovery option is not working but you can reach the device with the IP it looks like the broadcast messages are not being passed thought he tunnel.