Connecting Talk2M

Hi, I am trying to connect to a newly registered EWON from home but is giving me this error: VPN tunnel error: > STATE 1628590779. How do I fix this problem?


Can you download the latest connection checker at the following link, and run it?

Is this the only device that is experiencing this error? Or are the other devices not able to connect as well? If you are able to connect to other devices, it could be an issue with the firewall on the network that the Ewon unit is installed at.

Thank you Kevin,

I successfully downloaded the latest connection checker from the link you provided and did run the checker.
Check Result: Talk2M Connectivity failed. Could not connect to any VPN server.
Doc1.docx (169.6 KB)


So it looks like there an issue with the firewall on the network. I have posted the document that outlines what is required to connect to our servers through the firewall.

Thank you Kevin_HMS Technical Support.

I think this is an issue with my ISP. I contacted one of our plant commissioning Field Technical Expert in Pert, WA and he connected to our eWON with no issues. He can go online and connect easily but I cannot.

So am thinking this might be an issue with our Internet Service Provider here.

Otherwise, I highly appreciate your advice.



Thank you for the update. Let us know if you need any additional information.