Connection AB7678 and AB4305 is feasible?

Good day;

I’m trying to setup a system with Modbus RTU Slave and Ethernet IP. On my PLC side I have an AB4305 board, but even mapping the PLC IP address I cannot read write values. Any hint to enable this connection?

Is there any video / step by step to setup a system similar to this?

Thank you Alisson

It looks like the AB4305 is an anybus-s Ethernet/ip slave device. There are embedded into other devices to enable EIP scanners, typically a plc them selves, to send and receive data from the slave. It is a bit odd for you to say this is on a PLC. You should be able to connect the EIP scanner to it. The anybus-s cards use connection points/assemblies input100\output150. You will need to get the sizes from the user manual of the device it is embedded into. Once you have those you can put the scanner into idle mode and add to the scan list from the EIP scanners web interface.


Thank you for the clarification. At this moment I have red flashing led on MS and green flahing led on NS. I had setted the embed module ip and Added it in the scan list on the gateway. Any additional hint?

Is this on the scanner or the anybus S card. This most likely is telling you there is no connection.

Have you set the [correct target > originator and Originator > target]/[input and output assemblies] along with the corresponding sizes? If these are wrong you will not get a valid connection.

The leds are on the gateway.

Can you please check the settings I have?

It looks like the anybus s is using dint data types. The scanner is looking for the size in bytes. Try multiplying the value by 4 and seeing if that give you the correct number.

Try 256 in and out bytes


Thank you for the advices. It’s working now.


Great, you might have already fixed it but it looks like the O>T and T>O assemblies were swapped too.