Connection between an analyzer and an anybus gateway

Hi, i need you support about connection between several Analyzer multilin EPM 2200 power meter and an Anybus Gateway through the RS485 communications terminal block?

I have 40 analyzer, you can send me a conection diagram please.

Hi @PDI_Proyectos_de_Ing,

I need to know the article number of the gateway in order to give you the correct information.




Thank you!

You can find the documentation and software for this unit here:

Here is the wiring info from the Installation Guide:



Kyle Thank for your answer, another question:
Is it necessary to modify this dip switch? Or do I leave it as it comes from the factory?
The original position to these dipswitch what is?

By default they would all be off and you would need to turn 1 ON if it’s the last device on the RS-485 bus in order to terminate the bus (this should also be done on the other end of the bus). The polarization can be turned on as at least one device on the bus should be biasing the line, and it doesn’t hurt anything to have it on.

Hi Kyle thank you for your answer, other question

How can I connect to the gateway via IP, does this gateway have a factory IP address for connection?
I need to configure the IP address, network mask and gateway.

Do I necessarily need software or can I do it via browser?

Hi @PDI_Proyectos_de_Ing,

The device is set to DHCP by default.

To set a static address, you will need to connect using the MAPS software (you can use either ethernet or USB) and set the IP settings in the Configuration > General section. Then send the configuration to the device.


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Software is Free?

Yes, the MAPS software is free. The download link is here.

Hi Kyle, i have a question.
I have several Multilin model network analyzers connected to the anybus gateway. How do I detect these devices within the software and how do I know if it recognizes them. Please send me the procedure on how to do it since I want to know if there are any disconnected. The gateway has configured its Ip address and others for communication, the analyzers are configured in Modbus Rtu, 38000 Bauds and its address.

Greetings and I remain attentive to your guide.

I’m not exactly sure what you mean or what software you are referring to.
The analyzers are Modbus devices. Modbus doesn’t have a heartbeat function or a built-in way to alert you when a device is online. It just polls (reads or writes to) the devices and it either receives a response or it doesn’t. A response can be a good response or an error response.
If the analyzers have a status register, the Anybus could poll that and you could monitor that tag / signal to see if it is online.
Does this answer your question at all?

The software I am referencing is MAPS

You can look at the logs in the Diagnostic page. See page 36 in the User Manual.

Also the Signals viewer will show if you are reading values from the analyzer or not.

Hi, kyle i have a question
how do I reset the factory gateway? there is some procedure. what happens is that I configure the ip but I no longer remember

There are 2 buttons on the front which you will hold down while you power on the gateway.