Connection error (profinet master simulator connected to microzed board(anybus ip) as slave


I followed the below points yet the connection between master and slave was not established.

  1. Installed profinet master simulator and changed the IP, subnet and default gateway to that of the Ethernet adaptor, a screenshot for the same is provided
  2. Opened and Configured GSDML-V2.34-HMS-CompactCom-40-PIR-20180417, connected ADI1 to slot 1 and ADI2 to slot 2 and got the attached error
    Could you let me know if there are any other steps that are required to make a successful connection?

Thank you.IP%20addrprofinet%20master%20simulator%20error


I got the microzed board and it has anybus IP for profinet running on it. To enable communication with the master, I am using Profinet master simulator from anybus. I am using the example code supplied (speed example with 2 ADIs: Ref Speed and Speed). I am able to see the packets communicated between the master and slave (microzed board) on Wireshark, however, VLAN tag field isn’t present in the same and I want to include the same. What steps would be required to have VLAN tag in the frame?

Also, how does the example works, I am able to see io data and channel diagnosis and io structured view dialogs on the Profinet master simulator, however, I am not sure how to make changes in the speed adi. A similar example was provided for EtherCAT and I was able to transmit and receive the same value as entered, how can this be accomplished on profinet?

Hello Bina,

How is the M40 being configured? Is the Microzed initializing the module?

Typically for embedded support you would need to contact the OEM of the device it is being configured in. Since it is the host that is going to be configuring the module. Unfortunately I am not familiar with the Microzed device and the demo they provide.

I would recommend reaching out to them first for details. You can also submit a case though support tool. This will put you in touch with our headquarters who maybe able to provide further details.