Connection problems, it keeps dropping out


I am having problem with connection between two Wireless Bolts. I can connect with no problem but once i want to use with Siemens CPU and for example Lenze 8400 StateLine C it keeps dropping connection. The most stable is 5GHz but is still losing connection for about 5 seconds.
I am testing in office where Bolts are about 1 meter apart. In field they will be apart 5 to 30 meters.
Why is it dropping connection even though the channel is free? And why bluetooth doesn’t work? It says it is connected but Siemens and Lenze are not comunicating


Hi Klemen,

Can you check which firmware version is being run on the Bolts? Also do you know if there is any kind of EMI that could be caused by other devices in the area?


after many tries I have upgraded firmware to latested version. There a few computers and 2 WIFI in office but the wireless bolts are on 5HGZ because of that. 2.4GHz was having more problems staying connected. Yesterday I have also tried to ping the Wireless bolt that is connected to Lenze and there was no problem but Lenze was losing connection a few times while i was trying to ping.


Hi Klemen,

Just to make sure, are you still running into issues with bluetooth bridge mode on the newest firmware? Also is it possible to try and set up the device in a different location and see if the connection improves?


i have tried one more with newest firmware just to be sure I have tested it and it is still the same. It says it is connected but no connection is going through between PLC and I/O device. I can not really try in different location. And other placeses have more EMI so in this office should work best.


Could you give me a call at 312 893 5636 so I can take a closer look at this device? Or can you give us a time and number that we can reach you at?



Just wanted to see if this issue was resolved before I close this ticket



The issue was not resolved. I have also contacted the support on and we did not solve it either yet. The last reply from them was to get a switch with mirroring mode function which we do not have and record the connection with Wireshark.



Hi Klemen,

Would it be possible for you to get a switch with a mirroring mode?


Hi Klemen,

I’m going to close this ticket for now. But if you have any questions please feel free to respond to the ticket again.


last Friday support from seller came here with switch with a mirroring mode and have contacted you (i believe) about recorded session and we found out that portal did not remember we changed time cycle. We tried something else and the time cycle stayed as we set it (64 ms) and connection is now stable.

Thank you for your support, this issue can now be closed.