Connection timeout question


I am trying to commission a AB7072. The error I am getting in Logix 5000 is Connection Timeout 16#0203.
This module works in my test rack, but not on the machine.
I have tried requested packet intervals from 10 to 3000 ms.
The Connection parameters are the same as in the test rack.
the IP address is correct.
I can ping the Anybus.

Does anybody have any ideas as to where I can look next??



Hi Joe,

To follow up with your after our phone call. What I believe you issue is caused by is the inactivity encapsulation timeout. Older Ethernet cards do not support this feature. I recommend updating the firmware of your ethernet card to allow support for this feature.

You can send an explicit CIP message to the device using the Set Single Attribute that will disable it. You would use class 0xf5 instance 1 attribute 13 and set it to 0 to disable it.

Here is a document an old colleague had created that should allow you to disable it on the device. This document does use a third party tool that you will need to acquire yourself but any tool that allows explicit ethernet/IP messages should work.

disable_inactivity_timeout3.docx (187.0 KB)