Connection to PLC from factory network

I have a PLC and a HMI behind a Cosy 131.
It is connected to a customers factory network.
VPN-connection works fine and I can reach the plc.
Now the customer want to reach the plc from the factory network.
What do I need to do?

The Ewon LAN-Network has IP
The PLC has IP
The factory network is in the IP-range 192.168.17…
I’ve got IP-adresses to use for the plc if I want.

I’ve tried with the NAT table to map to but with no success.
The customer can’t ping either the 192.168.17-adress or the
Do I have to specify Ewon LAN-IP in the PLC as a router?


Hi Daniel,

You’ll need to adjust some security settings as well to allow access to the Ewon’s LAN from its WAN. Navigate to Setup → System → Storage → Tabular edition → Edit COM cfg, then search for the following parameters. Double click their values to edit, then save and reboot when finished:

  • WANItfProt = 2
  • FwrdToWAN = 1

Here’s a document we have on the configuration process: KB-0289-00 - Connect to devices on Ewon LAN from computer on remote site

Best regards,