Connection to Samsung DVM

Hi, I had a previous Samsung bacnet panel and want to replace it for your Intesis panel.
I have been trying to configure the Intesis, it will not reach for the system R1-R2, the message is: Unable to start the Samsung scan process

YOu will need to manual address the Samsun unit, and configure the Indoor unit to accept “Central Control”

Connect to Samsung NASA installation
Use the PortA connector in the top corner of the Intesis device in order to connect Samsung NASA bus to the
Intesis. Remember to follow all safety precautions indicated by Samsung.
To properly communicate with the Intesis, take into account following considerations:
BACnet IP connection using switch/hub and straight cable BACnet IP connection without switch/hub and crossed cable
Ethernet straight Ethernet Crossed
IntesisTM BACnet Server – SAMSUNG NASA AC User’s Manual r1.2 EN
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  • Samsung NASA AC network allows for both automatic and manual addressing. Manual addressing of
    both indoor and outdoor units must be setup by Samsung installer in order that Intesis
    communicates properly. Manual addressing is setup by means of DIP switches in outdoor unit, and using
    the remote controller or DIP switches in the indoor unit.
  • Samsung NASA indoor units need to be configured to accept ‘central control’. To do so, they need to
    be configured with so-called ‘installation option code’ in which segment 5 of this code needs to be set to
    value ‘1’ to allow central control.
    Connect the Samsung NASA bus to connectors A3 (R1/+) and A4 (R2/-) of gateway’s PortA. Respect the polarity.

I have attached the link for the documentation.

All done has described but there is no comm with the r1 R2

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I will need to investigate this issue further. We will need some logging information from you.

We will need need to get a log from maps showing the scan. So start the logging feature, perform a scan, stop logging, and grab the log. We need to get this to them to so they can analyze the scan process.

We need to determine where the issue is coming from.

Were you able to get the Logs for this device?

Good morning Kevin

I am really sorry for the delay, I had a busy week.

I am the technical support for Enviroair Industries, we are the supplier for Samsung units in eastern Canada (Ontario to New Foundland).

This installation with the Intesis Bacnet device was my first attempt, it took me a little while but it was successful. The customer is happy, and if there is no glitch with the device we will sell it on every job that needs Bacnet.

Again, thanks for not letting me down and I will keep your info for future reference. If I could have a phone number to complete the contact it would be helpful.

My best regards.


Hello Real,

I am glad the install was completed with no real issues. Thank you for the kind words.

Honestly, the best way to reach us for assistance is either here or Home  · Customer Self-Service

Due to the variety of products we support, sometimes we are not readily available for calls. By submitting a ticket we can respond and schedule a time for a call if need be.