Control Word/Status word enabling in the Ethernet side

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I am using AB-7800 to communicate between a profibus network to DeltaV ethernet network and I have 3 questions regarding this:

1- which status/Control word should be enabled to monitor the Ethernet connection? the word in the Ethernet side or in the profibus side? as shown in the below two pictures.

2- What is the difference between Enabling the control/status word in Profibus (Master) side and enabling it in the ethernet (adapter) side ? I want to understand if enabling it in the ethernet side means sending status of the ethernet network side to the profibus side? I do not really need that since DeltaV is the main control system

3- when I enable the Control\Status word in the Ethernet side , the Profibus network stops working and shows Red light in the MS led on the gateway front , why is that?

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You will want to enable it on the opposite interface that you want to monitor/control. so to see the

As you noticed when you enabled it on the ethernet side it stopped the Profibus master. Once the control word is enabled the master needs to be put into run mode via setting the control bit.


So if i want to monitor the connection in the Ethernet side , i should only enable it in the profibus side? and if this is the case , Is the IO mapping in the deltaV side will start from Byte 10 (2 bytes for Control\Status) and 8 Bytes for live list?

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If you enable the control/status word on the Profibus this will give you some info on the gateway. Since the ethernet/IP side is a slave the info is limited, there is not live list for this interface.

If you enable the control/status word on the ethernet/IP side this allow you to control the profibus Master. Such as setting it to run or idle mode.

You can also enable the Live list for the master. This is enabled under the profibus master settings in ACM, but shows up in the out area on the ethernet IP side. I recommend looking at the address over view to see where the data ends up.

There is more info in the X-Gateways user guide.