Copy existing Netbiter Configuration to new device

Hi All - is there an easy way to copy the entire configuration from one device to another. When I pull in the templates it does not bring over the logs, alarms and data panel.

Hi @PMTSupport,

I believe you can duplicate projects in Argos by creating published profiles. You can export templates and profiles (with the profile dashboards attached to them as well) but you’re not able to export system dashboards.

You can find instructions on how to setup profiles on Administration Manual Netbiter Argos page 96.

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Are there any plans for future releases that will allow exporting of System dashboards to be imported for other systems? This would be a VERY useful feature in our scenario.

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At this point I am not aware of any plans regarding that, but I will definately bring it up to the rest of my team, and you could also submit a ticket for a feature request at, so we have it on our system.

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