Cosy 131 and Netbiter Tap Adaptors Together

I use both netbiter EC310 and also Cosy 131 devices. Each has their own Tap names but they are trying to use the same adaptor and I have to rename them each time that i use them. One is “Talk2m-eCatcher” and the other is “QuickConnect Network Bridge”. Is there a way to have two adaptors setup so I don’t have to rename them. It was working before I think but lately I have been having to change them. Thanks

You can have ecatcher install a second adapter allowing you to have one for quickconnect and the other for ecatcher. First rename your current tap adapter “Quickconnect Network Bridge” then navigate to the drivers folder inside the ecatcher installation directory. It should look something like C:\Program Files (x86)\eCatcher-Talk2M\Talk2mVpnService\drivers. From there you can right click and run as admin the Install.bat This will add another tap adapter then rename it talk2m-eCatcher.
Once it is done double check your network adapters to see that you have two adapters each with the correct names. If something goes wrong you can also add an adapter with the addtab.bat and rename it manually.