Cosy 131 cannot see PLC but can see other devices connected

I have a Cosy 131 connected to an unmanaged Stratix switch. The devices connected to the switch are the Cosy, PLC, HMI, Drives, PIO, etc. When I am remotely connected to the machine I am able to see every other device on the network BUT the PLC. Does anyone have any recommendations as to what the cause of this could be?

How are you seeing other devices on the network? Are you pinging them, or are they being scanned for by your PLC software, for example? If you can ping the PLC but it isn’t being detected by your PLC software, you may need to enable PLC discovery. You can find instructions on how to do this here: PLC Discovery through Talk2M

If you can’t ping the PLC, can you check on your firewall settings in eCatcher? If your firewall level is above normal, it’s not possible to access devices that aren’t explicitly mapped in eCatcher. You can access these settings by logging into eCatcher, going to your Ewon’s properties, and clicking Configure LAN Devices & Firewall on the right.

I am using RSLinx to browse the remote network for IPs, I am able to see the other devices connected to the same switch as the PLC but the PLC is not visible.

Are you able to ping the PLC directly when connected through eCatcher?

What is the PLC’s IP address, and what is the Ewon’s?

Have you tried enabling PLC Discovery? This document explains how to do so: PLC Discovery through Talk2M

Can you share a backup with support files captured through eBuddy? This will give us access to the logs and configuration of the device so that we can pin down what’s happening here. To do this, open eBuddy, select the Ewon device you’d like help with, and click “Backup/Restore”. Make sure to check “include support files”, then click through to create a backup.

If you don’t have it, you can download eBuddy here: Ewon Technical Support - All Downloads