Cosy 131 Ethernet Internet Connection Issue

Hello, I’m working on setting up a Cosy 131 via ethernet connection. My setup currently is as follows:

Ethernet cable from port 1 on the Cosy to the ethernet port on my laptop dock
Ethernet cable from port 4 (WAN) on the Cosy directly to my modem

Cosy settings in eBuddy:

On the eWon web interface I’ve had issues getting WAN connectivity to pass while using DHCP, so I have set the mode to static with the following configuration:
Default Gateway:
Primary DNS:
Secondary DNS:

I’ve tried utilizing the other help topics on the forum and the available resources, but I can’t seem to get internet connectivity to work. When I run the internet wizard it says my WAN connection is good, but I get errors -20205, 31912, and 25003.

Thanks for any help,


Hello Cameron,

Have you tried removing the defualt Gateway?

Also can you provide a backup with support files of the Ewon unit? This can be done by locally connecting to the unit and using eBuddy to extract the Backup with support files.

Hey, Kevin.

I just tried removing the default gateway and running the wizard again - no dice.

I’ll attach those support files with this post

Customer called in for issue.