Cosy 131 goes offline only power cycle will go online


I am connected with a permanent internet connection via port 4 on the ewon

I have noticed that if I don’t connect to the ewon for a while (via ecatcher) the connection drops off and the ewon appears offline in ecatcher

The only way to get it online again is to cycle power on the unit.

Is there a way to have the ewon ignore no usage or to try and reconnect itself to the internet in case of a site internet failure I am connected with a permanent internet connection via port 4 on the ewon


Can you get us a backup of this device with the support files included?



Backup attached


Tim Dawson




Hi Tim,

Can we start by updating the firmware on this device to 13.2 and see if the issue is still present?



The unit is on a remote site

If I upgrade it I will loose remote access


Generally we don’t recommend that people do an upgrade unless somebody is physically present to make sure we can get the device back online if we run into issues. Is there any way for you to get somebody out to the remote site or is that not really an option


It may be an option later but not at the moment

I don’t think a upgrade of firmware is the issue

Would there be a setting that drops the connection off if it is idle for some time or if the internet connection goes off/on why doesn’t it re connect automatically


Tim Dawson


Hi Tim,

You could try and put in a larger delay for when it tries to get a dhcp address like the document below and see if that fixes the problem