COSY 131 prbl connection with S7-1500


I don’t arrive to set the connection with my S7-1500 by the COSY131.
I am using virtual machine with windows10 and TIA V16.
The internet connection is ok for the ewon (3G).
Talk2M is ok, i am connected with eBuddy to the ewon.

On the LAN ewon is ok, i can ping everyone and use my plc if i am connected on the lan with my virtual machine.

Like on the screen, i see the plc but i can’t be connected.


Please follow this application note:

If you are still having problems, try configuring PLC discovery with this doc:

Thanks for the answer.
I have already used this PDF to configure my eWon.
But I solved the problem, i am using VMare and i had to change network connection with NAT and i used the routing table for my PLC in the eWon.

OK - I’m glad you got it fixed!