Cosy 131 Remote Access Control

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I have a question about the remote access control of the eWon Cosy 131 via key switch:
If remote access control is enabled and there is a low signal on the Digitial In, how is the deactivation done internally?
Specifically, a customer would like to know if it is a software deactivation, i.e. theoretically an intruder could still gain access? Or is it a hardware disconnection, so that the connection is not possible in purely physical terms?

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The VPN connection is deactivated using software. Theoretically, an intruder could still gain access if they already had local access to the network, but only if the Cosy 131s firewall were deactivated. By default, the Cosy 131 drops all packets from the WAN.

If the customer would prefer, they could put a switch on the power supply.

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thank you for the explanation!

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