Cosy 131 Wifi keeps going offline


I’ll get it for you.



Kyle, picture attached with S/N.





Thanks Jeff,

The lights for the LAN ports will only come on if the other end is plugged into an active network adapter, so I’d confirm those devices were on. I would try to connect using eBuddy with a laptop plugged in the LAN port 1. If they can set a static IP on the laptop that’s on the Cosy’s LAN that helps. If you can’t connect you can reset the device:

  • unplug from power
  • hold down reset button and plug back in while continuing to hold reset for about 40 seconds (until the USR LED blink then turns solid red)
  • then power cycle the unit again

The only other option is a Recovery which is even more involved:

If you don’t have any luck you can RMA to distributor where you purchased the device. Let me know if I can be of any assistance.



Kyle, everything was plugged in on the other ends of the cables. I assume the reset procedure sets it back to factory settings?



That’s correct, you will lose the current configuration so if you don’t have a good backup you may want to wait until you get it back and try to connect with eBuddy.


OK, thanks Kyle.