Cosy 131 wont respond to Factory Reset


Attempted reset to default, multiple times but I just end up with a flashing USR light and the old configuration still there. Hold reset on power up. Wait for solid red, release then the green goes of (B…). Dont get the alternating red/green to show auto test complete.



It should take about 35 seconds for the light to go solid red after blinking red. If it goes red before then you need to continue holding the button.


Got it. Thanks.

I was doing it on the orange instead of waiting for red!



I have another issue if you could take a look. I have asked before about it but still couldn’t get it working.

Set up is a Cosy 131 set the local LAN (

When I go in remotely, unless I am on a PC that has connected before and has the history in the connections list, it will not browse and show up available PLC’s on the LAN.

PLC’s are Allen Bradley Compactlogix. Software Logix 5000/RS Linx.



Steve Hutson


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