Cosy 141 Offline - not responding


Hi Mel,

Please give us a call back at 312-893-5636 if you continue to experience problems after the factory reset.


  • Been offline since at least March
  • He is local with device directly connected and web interface is very slow, timing out
  • Device is not responding to every ping
  • Recommended factory reset


Hello Kyle,

This module may have issues already. It keeps dropping me out due to the time out. I can’t get tasks done …



Were you able to factory reset it?


Yes, The module is back to factory default.

I did change the IP address I need, which it took 3 tries to do it. Now I am in he stage where I need to log in but due to the intermittent “time outs” ( like when pinging) it takes forever to connect. Then it simply stays hanging at trying to connect…

If you any suggestions let me know… thanks


I would suggest, if you haven’t tried, using another cable and another PC while making sure you have the Wifi (or other network interfaces) turned off or disconnected. If this doesn’t help, I think there is an issue with the device itself and it will have to be replaced.