Cosy lost memory after being sent to client

I got the following message from a customer. basically, they had 2 cosy units that they sent out to a customer, and at some point, neither of them would go online anymore.

Below is what our customer has found on the internet regarding eWON losing configuration.

“ I have been doing a little reading into the eWON failures, and I have found some evidence to support that the eWON may lose configuration if forced to follow its re-boot protocol due to VPN server connection loss. This would make sense, seeing as ours lose connection every day at 6:00. This problem can be magnified in the presence of Electromagnetic Interference (it looks like the eWON has a log that monitors EMI). It might be worth checking the logs for those on the unit we are sending back.”

This mill has their network set up to allow the two eWONS we have there to connect to the eWON servers between the hours of 6 am PT and 6 pm PT. So at 6 pm PT the network prohibits the eWON from being connected to any outside IP address or website.

I have not received the two units that woud not re-connect to the eWON servers.

Attached is the etar file from a replacement eWON we sent to them. It has been running since Monday morning to my knowledge.

The mill is asking if the eWON can be configured to only attempt to connect to the eWON servers during certain times of the day. I do not see any configuration options for this thru the web page interface.

he said that the 6a-6p network policy is not changeable, and that they cannot get online outside of that time - full stop.

Any thoughts on how to handle this?

Thank You,

Hi Brad,

Unfortunately you’re not able to configure the Cosy to behave this way because there’s no coding section. This is something we could potentially do with a Flexy device but not with a Cosy.

As for the issue of the device losing configuration, that should not be happening. Do you mean that when the device goes offline that it’s IP is set back to the default along with everything else being set to default? Also for the EMI issues are you able to use a shielded Ethernet cable instead of a normal one?

You also mentioned that you were including the bakup.tar files of the device but we don’t see the attachment that you were talking about. Could you try sending it in a .zip file?

Backup (2).etar.gz (28.5 KB)

they don’t need to do anything with the configuration that I know of. the end user turns their internet on and off, as their security profile requires.

I’ll talk to them about shielded Cat5 or Cat6 cables.

I’m not entirely sure about how the system resets. he told me that he didn’t have the 2 units back from the field, when I last talked to him.

Hi Brad,

Sorry I’m having some issues opening the .etar file you sent. Can you send me a backup.tar file from ebuddy with the support files included?

Ok, if the internet access isn’t being handled by the Cosy there shouldn’t be a problem. They also shouldn’t be reverting back to default, but I might find some kind of issue in the logs

I’ll try to have him send a better backup file, if he can.

he has one of the units. he sent a video. it appears to start the startup process, then stops, for one reason or another. I’ve linkked the video.

startup video

he sent me a photo before this, and it looked like there was not any light when an ethernet cable was attached, either.

Hi Brad,

It looks like the video only shows the device powering on, it doesn’t look like the device has enough time to go through its boot sequence. Maybe he could give us a call and we could try and walk him through these issues over the phone or teamviewer? Are there no lights when an ethernet cable is connected on any of the ports?


where that video ends is the status of the lights, forever-after. Photo is attached.

it seems to me like the unit isn’t actually booting, for whatever reason.

here is his e-mail…


I got the 1st eWON that quit working back today.

I cannot get on line with it using a web browser. It does not connect to eBuddy.
I verified my patch cable and labtop network card work by connection to a spare PLC I have on my desk.

I have not reset it back to factory defaults.

If the device is getting stuck on that state where only the power LED is turning on, then the only options left would be to try a recovery or an RMA. When he says he got the first eWON that quit working back, does that mean he already had an RMA or do you know where he sent that unit to?

he does not have an RMA.

he meant that it was returned to him, from his customer.

all that said… in his e-mail, it was mentioned that eBuddy would not connect. because of that, I assume that he won’t be able to do a recovery of any sort, correct?

and that being said, I believe that I’ll have to get Tammy to request an RMA from HMS.

If it’s not showing up in eBuddy it could still potentially work with the recovery, but I’d say it’s less likely to be able to get to that point. If you’re able to try it, I’d say it’s worth a shot.

If it’s still not working after that though I’d recommend going for an RMA