Cosy Network Routing

I am looking at installing a Cosy in a factory for remote access to machines. I am not sure the easiest way to configure the networks or if I will need extra hardware.
There is one network with two subnets.
The cosy would get internet access through one subnet, and the machines on the plant floor are on a separate subnet.
I have one ethernet cable accessible where the install will take place. I can install an unmanaged switch before the cosy to split the ethernet to two, one for the cosy to connect to the internet subnet, one for the machine subnet. Is this my best option or am I able to access both subnets with one physical connection?

Thank you!


This will cause an issue. The cosy will see the devices on the WAN side. The cosy is the Gateway and will be the separation between the 2 subnets. You will have one cable going into the WAN port for internet. Then a second cable in a LAN port going to the machine in the other subnet you are trying to access or having the cable going to an unmanaged switch that has only device in the subnet attached to it.

If the cosy has WAN 192.168.1.XX and there are multiple machines connected to the same network on 192.168.20.XX, with the cosy connecting to that on LAN, that will be an issue? The machines still need to be on the plant’s network.
If that is what you are saying, what solution would you propose?

Hi @amorrish,

You may want to get more info about this network configuration. They could be providing one cable but then have the network configured with Vlans which would allow the ewon to connect to two different networks with one cable. If this is the case you may just need to use a switch to connect both the ewons lan and WAN port to that same cable.


Thanks @deryck_hms,
I think that’s the setup I was trying to explain.