Cosy Performance with A-B CompactLogix

Hi, I am in Australia and have just connected to a Cosy 131 located in Saudi Arabia to provide remote support for a CompactLogix PLC and PanelView Plus 7 HMI. Connection of the Cosy is via hard-wired WAN port to a 3G Hotspot device, so I am not expecting super performance. However I am not expecting terrible performance either, and that is what I am getting at the moment. I have connected successfully (I’m using Studio 5000 v32) and have been uploading the program from the PLC for over an hour now and am ~ 50% done (and it is not a huge program … about 3MB).

Are there any tips for optimising performance of the system? The only change made so far is to put the Ewon LAN port onto the same subnet as the PLC & HMI. I have seen some mention of swapping to a TCP setting. I also see a section on the Ewon internet webpage called “Routing” but I see no mention of the setting in the User Manual or the Installation Manual. It sounds like something that might be useful to make the link more efficient. Any advice would be appreciated.

Hello, to set the VPN connection to use a TCP connection instead of a UDP connection, I’d recommend rerunning the VPN/Talk2m wizard. There should be an advanced button somewhere in the wizard and after you click it there should be a force to TCP button. I think it may just be running into issues because of the UDP connection that you’re using.

With a UDP connection, its good for realtime data but it runs into issues if any packets are dropped. This can cause some issues with remote connection to devices. I think if you change it to TCP so it has the packet correction then that may fix the issue you’re running into.

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That change has helped. Finalizing a rung edit now takes ~ 100 seconds rather than 5 minutes, and uploading tag values during a program save now takes ~ 5 minutes rather than failing completely as it did yesterday. Still slow, but at least it is usable now. Thanks very much, Tim.

You’re welcome, let me know if you have any other questions