Cosy setup with network connection


Can I setup a cosy 131 without being on a netwok? i have never tried. I have a customer that has an IT department that has an isolated network for the eWON’s but I cant get to a laptop to set them up, they are in North Carolina and I am in Chicago. they have static IP’s set up as follows:
machine 1
DNS server and

machine 2
DNS server and

Please advise.

Les Adams



You will have to do the setup in order to get catcher to work but you can change the network settings afterwards. If they are assigning you a static IP address you can run the internet wizard again but make sure “test internet connection” is not checked.



I guess I don’t understand what you mean.


You cannot setup the device on talk2m without having an internet connection. You can change the network settings to their networks after you have finished the setup.



When I do that the unit seems to lock up, what am I doing wrong.


What part is the unit locking up on?


after making the network changes.


After I change the network settings


I’m assuming you are asking if you can setup the Cosy on a network that does not have internet access because you go on to list network settings. You cannot successfully run the VPN Wizard with an internet connection, but you can run the System and Internet Wizards. What Zack is saying is to make sure you don’t run the Internet connection test like this:

If you are running without that box checked and it’s still locking up, please post your logs here, so we can take a look. (Using eBuddy, highlight device, go to Backup/Restore and run a backup with the “Include Support Files” box checked)

Also, is this a new device or has it been already used at another location? If it has been set up before, it would be a good idea to perform a factory reset.



I will have them back today or tomorrow. Once received I will set them up on our network and then go to change the network addressing. If I have trouble we could team viewer and watch what I am doing. I would like to do this one time and not have to send them back and forth.



ok, I set one up and made the IP changes. when I log out it says other error and shows no VPN connection. Is that what I should expect?


where does it say ‘other error’ in eWON or eCatcher?


cosy status


So just set them to DHCP, run the internet and VPN Wizards so they show up in eCatcher with no errors. Once that is successful you can go back to the Internet Wizard, change the network settings to the static ones you shared above, complete the Wizard without testing the internet connection, and then power off the device. Ship it and when they plug it in, it will recognize the network and be online.


ok, thats what i will do.


Well, That still didn’t work. dont know what to do next. they are asking for a tech to come out and fix it , but our techs are not network engineers and don’t set up networks.


There isn’t really a way for us to know if they have supplied a good internet connection and settings. We will need to work with one of their IT people on site to confirm these things.


They finally got off their ass and started checking things, they found some errors in the global setup and the IP range was missing. All done, thanks for the patience, but as you know some IT departments are just unbearably difficult to work with.


Phew! Glad to hear that!