Cosy with Real-time PC and Simulink


Hi Sam,

Personally I’m not very familiar with Simulink, but there are some people here that have some experience with it. We would need more specific questions in order to help, so please let us know what kind of questions you have or what issues you are running into.

As we spoke about today, the Cosy seems to be operating well and staying online. If you are using ethernet IP to communicate to a LAN device it should be fairly transparent, as if you were on the same local area network. However, there are some differences, specifically with layer 2 communications that are not routed over a VPN. There are different ways to configure the Cosy to give it additional features like broadcast forwarding, but depending on the application you are using, it’s better not to enable them by default. So the more you are able to share about the capabilities you require, the more we will be able to help.

We look forward to working with you and please feel free to respond directly to this e-mail or visit us on