Could not communicate to the EWON COSY

Hi I have our customer who has purchased the EWON cosy about 3 months ago and could not communicate to the Ewon thru the cellular connection
Found the power PWR LED was lit green only.
Read the instruction to do a factory reset for first level and then second level did not work as after cycling power and holding the reset button the BI1 light turns on and the USR amber led stay lit
when release button continues stays lit, did not flash per the instruction. then I tried a Ewon recovery using a Ethernet switch between the laptop and the EWONCOSY, but could not identify the serial no. which is 1946-1074-22 when doing a backup. Not sure what else to try , please help
Thank you


If the device is being unresponsive to a recovery then you’ll likely need to through with an RMA. From the serial number you have it looks like your device should be new enough that it’s still under warranty. You can reference ticket number 62663


ok thank you