Cozy 1.41 not connecting to Internet on both machines

I have Ewons in the field, 2 of them at the same company,

They were working before but now they are not.
I am assuming their side is causing the issue but I am trying to prove to them that it is.

The say the port is completely open and running directly from the internet provider not going through their network.

Connecting the network to a laptop and I used the Talk2Me connection check and it all passed (logs attached)

No internet access on the Ewon side when network connected back to it ( connected to red lit port)

Backup of Ewon attached and logs from connection check

Unit: Cozy 131
Cable: Cat 5

Please let me know of any information you need or things I should tryTalk2MConnectionCheckerFullLog.txt (610.5 KB) Talk2MConnectionCheckerLog.txt (203.1 KB) Backup.etar.gz (22.9 KB)

It doesn’t look like the Cosy is getting an IP address from DHCP, which it won’t if they just have it connected directly to the internet. They are going to need to connect it to a router and DHCP server, or enter a good static network configuration.

1584714917;"20/03/2020 14:35:17";"wanmgt-Restarting permanent WAN connection";"wanmgt";79336;1073772933
1584714934;"20/03/2020 14:35:34";"main-No address received from DHCP (on Eth WAN)";"wanmgt";79336;20324
1584714934;"20/03/2020 14:35:34";"wanmgt-WAN connection request failed: DHCP";"wanmgt";79336;31130

Okay thank you, just another quick question how come they can get an IP Address from DHCP on their laptop then?


I can’t be 100% sure, but it may be due to an IP conflict with the LAN. Just like any other router, the LAN and WAN must be configured as separate subnets. For example, they can’t both be set to 192.168.1.x/24.

ecfg-LAN and WAN IP addresses configured  are conflicting";"wanmgt";79336;34507