Cozy 131 Recovery Fails


I get to the point of the recovery where it says push the reset button twice, but it instantly says buttons were pushed too slow.

I have tried several times and it is always the same.

Current Firmware 9,0,s0. Tried to go to 11, 12, 13 and 13,S2


Just to make sure, you’re following this procedure for the recovery right?


I can not do it through the Firmware update since it is currently at Rev. 9. So I have to do it through the (F7) Ewon Recovery method.

Andrew Brannon

Plant IT Systems Engineer



Unfortunately, you’ll need to have somebody physically present with the device and do a recovery. But you should just be able to do a recovery directly from firmware 9 to 13.2


Hi Andrew,

I’m going to mark this post solved for now, but if you run into any issues when you get somebody on site to do the recovery please feel free to respond to this ticket.