Cozy 131 Setup for Talk2M

Good morning,

I had a few questions regarding the set up of an eWon Cozy 131 that is installed on our packaging machine. We are trying to get the eWon set up with Talk2M so that the manufacturer of the equipment can upload updates to the controls program. I created a Talk2M account already and I can see the eWon in the eCatcher program but the status is “Offline”. The eWon is connected directly to our router via an ethernet cable.



After creating the ewon profile for the device in eCatcher did you complete the VPN wizard on the cosy?

I believe I did. I was able to generate an activation key. Nevertheless lets assume I did not or did not do it correctly.

Also thought it was worth mentioning that the IP address of the ewon was set by the packaging machine manufacturer at The network in the office has the same 3 bit addressing, i.e. 192.168.1.XXX

Do you have any troubleshooting advice? Is it alright that the ewon has a LAN IP address that is on the same parent network, i.e. ?

If the parent network is what your using for your WAN connection you will be getting a subnet clash so the cosy will not be able to be setup correctly. You should be able to see somethign along that line in the event log if that is happening. If that is the case there is three ways of resolving it.

  1. You can change the cosy LAN subnet and that of all devices that are attached to it.

  2. You can change the WAN subnet. If you use a static IP address you can request one not in the same subnet. If the address is assigned using a dhpc server you can request them to change the range of addresses which it give out.

  3. You can add a router on the WAN side between the cosy and the office network. by doing this you can set the WAN subnet of the cosy to be something else then of the router use NAT 1:1 to change the subnet to match the office network.

We did see the subnet clash in the log file. Does the NAT 1:1 function within the browser generated by the eWon serve the same NAT functionality you mentioned in your third point? Or would we still need to get an additional router for this?

So to clarify, for your second point; change the range of DHCP addresses from the router side, to outside of the range of LAN addresses for equipment attached to the ewon?

You would need to get an additional router.

For changing the DHCP range this would only work if your parent network uses a DCHP server and does not assign the IP address to each device. This would change the range of all addresses using that server and all devices would need to get new IP addresses to match the range.