Create a template for UPS with SNMP

i am trying to add a UPS device to an EC 310 device, i don’t know from where to start. i am familiar with modbus but this is the 1st time to add an SNMP device to a system.
there is no guidance on manuals nor templates and profiles.
on Argos we just have a setting for SNMP read & write communities only,
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Hi @george_b ,

The device you are reading data from should have OID addresses that you would enter into the template address field. When you add the device to the ewon you will enter the IP address.


hi, thank you for your support, 2 more questions,
can i upload the ups MIB file to the template or i need to build a template?
is there a UPS templates even standard ones according to RFC1628?

The installed card on the UPS is Eaton Network card

Unfortunately no the EC devices need to have a Template built.