Daikin VRV and Sky systems to BACnet MSTP Interface

The 5

Daikan fan coil units are still reporting incorrect data to the Trane

Tracer SC. These units have a bacnet gateway installed on each fan

coil. The installed gateway is called Intesis. It appears that the

units are occupied and controlling to set point from the gateway but

display an incorrect space temperature when in the heat mode. The

space temperature reports back to Trane Tracer SC at 78 or 80 degrees

when the temperature is actually near set point of 72 degrees. When

the fan coils are in cooling the gateway reports the correct space

temperature. The Intesis company appears to be located in Europe. I

will send an email to them with these details and wait for a


Please refer to Section 7.4 in the User Manual:

The issue will depend on which temp sensor the Daikin is programmed to use and whether or not there is a wired remote and, if so, whether or not it’s the master or slave.