Data in Datamailbox inaccessible

How can I verify that the data is uploaded to Datamailbox? There are days when our web service provider does not receive the data for a week. The web service provider tells us that suddenly all the data that was not being readable is entered.
From our side, we have verified the locally generated log on the Ewon Flexy 205 and the data is logged correctly.

Probably the easiest way to manually check on DataMailbox data is to use the DataMailbox Viewer application included with the DataMailbox SDK download available on this page: DMWeb API | Ewon Developers

This is a simple application that allows you to enter your credentials with the Login button at the top right, then use endpoints like getdata (selected at the top left) to see how DataMailbox responds.

On the Ewon, are you seeing regular logs for data being uploaded?

Thank you so much!

Yes, in the Ewon I see the current data of the records.

In the Talk2M Datamailbox Viewer I will be able to check if the data is in the cloud to tell our provider to check their connection.