Data Mailbox

I am attempting to add my eWON to the data mailbox. Under >Configuration >System Setup >General >Net Services >Data Management I entered “” no quotes, in the server url. It is my understanding this is all I have to do to get the eWON connected to the Data Mailbox. However, when I look in eSync I do not see the eWon. Please advise.


eSync and the Data Mailbox are two different components. You can link the two however. You would need to use the eSync Data Mailbox Connector in order to accomplish this.

Have you followed the steps outlined here?

Thanks for the reply Jordan. I am currently syncing 1 eWON with the Data Mailbox connector. This issue I am having is when I try to add a second eWON. eSync cannot seem to find it and auto-create it.

To circle back on this request as we had a phone discussion.

The issue ended up being the tags that were being sent. The Flexy had been configure to send tags in tag group A only to the Data Mailbox however no tags had been configured for that tag group. When you want to send all data in an eWON to the Data Mailbox servers, ensure to leave all of those boxes unselected. They should only be used ina case where there is an actual need to send a limited number of tags.