DataMailBox and timestamp handling?

Hello eWON’s team,

Do you have any plan to improve timestamp handling with DataMailBox ?

Because current implementation doesn’t work well, if you are using DataMailBox without knowledge about eWON settings.

Timestamps (“date” key) that you get when you call syncdata/getdata functions are ISO 8601 text strings (e.g. “2018-08-23T11:04:01Z” --> with Z meaning UTC).
But DataMailBox doesn’t perform time conversion, so as soon as you define a GMT offset in you eWON, “dates” will still get back with an UTC syntax, but it won’t be true !
If an eWON is setup with 2 hours late from GMT, “dates” that you get from DataMailbox API will be formatted using “YYYY-MM-DDTHH:MI:SSZ” but with 2 hours late from GMT.

So without information on eWON settings, we aren’t able to know that those “dates” are 2 hours late from GMT !


There are some enhancements coming in the near future for the timestamp for the DataMailbox. In the next firmware revision, 13.1s0, all data will be exported to the DataMailbox in UTC+0 time.

This should resolve your issue.

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