Datamailbox API with Rilheva

Im trying to push tag from a Flexy205 to Rilheva through datamailbox, but seem like not all the tag i have set is pushed into Datamailbox (also Rilheva)
This is my Flexy settings:

Thank you, best regards

Hi @PhiNguyen,

Have you reached out to Rilheva regarding this? The ewon will push data into the datamailbox then Rilheva will pull the data from the mailbox into their database. I am thinking this is related to the connector you are using on their end to pull data into their database from datamailbox. It is hard to say for sure from the limited view in the DMViewer screen shots but it looks like you have 6 tags in the datamailbox and only getting 4 in Rilheva. Does the history tab show different set of data?

The logs in the flexy show it is Synchronizing successfully with the data mailbox. The 503 error is from synchronizing so often and the server being busy. No data is lost and will be uploaded in the subsequent attempt.

Im still waiting for Rilheva reply
Yes, the history tab shot different set of data. Also after had tested with those 6 tags, i have pushed all tags (around 100) from my flexy, but it didnt be on syncData or Rilheva until at night (around 7 hours passed).
The same happened with those 4 tags, i had pushed them but couldnt see them until that day night

Hi @PhiNguyen,

Based on your screen shots log data from the ewon is successfully being pushed to the data mailbox every 5 minutes. You should see this updated though the viewer. Try using the getdata to the specific ewon to make sure you are retrieving all the data. The sync data might not be showing you all the data.