Datamailbox impacts to multiple user access

If multiple users are able to access data through the Datamailbox API, is there any chance that one user’s access of data could affect another user’s access? Is the ability to read the data completely independent from user to user? The worry is that if one user reads a particular data sample, that Datamailbox may mark that sample as “accessed” and make it unavailable to further read attempts (or a similar behavior).

Access to the Datamailbox API should be managed using tokens. It doesn’t matter if you use multiple tokens, or the same token to access the data. The datamailbox will not mark any data as unavailable if it’s been read. You would need to delete it manually or it’s automatically deleted after 10 days. See section 4.7 (page 30) for more info on token management.

rg-0005-00-en-reference-guide-for-dmweb-api.pdf (1.7 MB)