Datamailbox limitation for Talk2M free account


I understand this question has been asked several times in the past. But I am still confused about the 500,000 data point/month for Talk2M free account. Here are two references
(1) DataMailBox limitation
(2) Limitations of Datamailbox from Free to Pro
In the first reference, it is clear that anything beyond 500,000 won’t be stored because “Once you hit that limit, all subsequent entries are no longer stored.”

In the second reference (thread 5/8), my understanding is that the total storage is 500,000/month and anything beyond this number will be stored with older data overwritten. Citation “For example if I logged 10 million points I would only get the latest 500k? (confirmed by HMS later)”

These two explanations are contradictory with each other. Could you please explain which one is the correct understanding in this subject?

Thank you very much!

Sorry for the confusion. it’s the storage amount that is limited, not the number of transactions, so the second reference you mention is more accurate. If you logged 10,000,000 points only the most recent 500,000 will be stored as the first 9,500,000 have been overwritten.


So with the new limitations of the free account, I can write 5,000,000 datapoints? And it isn’t a transaction limit?

For example, if I were to write 1,000,000 tags a day from a fleet of Flexy’s, as long as I pulled that data from DataMailbox before 5 days I wouldn’t lose any data? And I could do that all month?


DataMailbox is monthly, so if you write 1,000,000 data points a day for 5 days that will use up DataMailbox for the month.

Hi @dxttony

We received this notification on the new update to data mailbox, but I’ll need to verify if we still do FIFO or if it’s a hard cutoff after you reach your 5 Million points



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Here’s what I heard back from my colleague in Belgium

So the datapoints inside the DMbox are erased automatically after 10 days. The number (or counter) of uploaded datapoints during the month is erased at every end of the month. So if your Ewons send more than 5 million datapoints into the datamailbox, then the datamailbox will not anymore accept the push of data. Only starting next month the datamailbox will accept gain the data

At the start of the next month the datamailbox will allow again reception of the data, and if the data is still available inside the Ewon historical logging, the Ewon will upload the missing data. So probably, if the client does not change the way data is pushed, he will probably being capped much faster the month after (but without loss of data)

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Thanks Tim. That cleared it up for me.
I suppose I should have started a new thread so I could mark it “solved”…next time.



Thanks for notifying this change. Based on the information, it looks like data mailbox will have a cutoff after I achieve 5 million points in a month. Is it 5 million points per eWon per month, or 5 million points per datamailbox regardless of how many eWon is in a datamailbox?

At last, if I have more than 5 million points in a month, what would be an alternative data transfer method?

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Hi Tony,

It looks like this is the limit per account, if you’re looking for an alternative transfer method though you could have the Flexy store the information locally and then email you at an interval you set. Or you could send data through MQTT potentially.


We do also allow people to purchase additional storage in Datamailbox if you’re interested in that option

Is the purchase option only available for Talk2m Pro, or also available for Talk2m Free?
Could you please also send me a link of this notice? I could not find it on the website.

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Unfortunately this would require you to upgrade to a pro account if you need additional data. I don’t have too much additional data beyond that, but if you reach out to they should be able to give you more info on this