DataMailBox stopped working

Hello HMS,
I been using Flexy205 with datamailbox feature.
Last few days, I noticed my datamailbox no longer update values. Therefore, i suspected the datamailbox is full, therefore i do a manual cleardatamailbox.
After that, the datamailbox seems stopped working.

I saw some error in the event log, backup file are attached. I tried reconfigure the Talk2M Api setting but to no avail.
Thanks in advanced. =DPreformatted text


Can you check how much of the data mailbox you have used for the month here? You might be hitting the limit on how much data you can push


Hello Tim,

Thanks for the reply. I took a look on the credit and contract and its far less than included amount.
Attached picture for reference. Thanks

If you go to the BASIC IDE section and type in dmsync in the console section do you get any errors either in that console or do any errors appear in the event logs? Even if the data mailbox is full it should work on a FIFO format where the older data is deleted in exchange for the new data.

Hi @Khoo_Yik_Herng,

Is this still an issue?