.DBC support


My goal is to establish serial communications between a OEM CAN bus product and S71500 controller using TIA V16.

Is it possible to use a .dbc file to configure the HMS anybus communicator AB7317? I assume then it is relatively simple to generate a profinet GSD file for siemens TIA?

If not, is there interoperability between CAN and CANopen? is it possible to convert the .DBC to .EDS?
It is a very large register so I’m really keen to avoid doing this process manually.


No, the AB7317 does not accept .dbc files.

Yes, we actually have it on the device download page

CANopen is a higher level protocol that runs on a CAN network. It may be possible to configure the CAN Communicator to work with a CANopen device, but it is a manual process. Have you considered using a CANopen device?

Can you explain a little more about the application, like where the serial communication is necessary? You can communicate directly between a CANopen device and S7-1500 controller using the CM CANopen. What is the serial device?